Power the Dreams of Our Youth through InvestED

InvestEd’s student loans let you provide assistance to student dreamers who need a helping hand for success and paying it forward.

Why InvestEd?

Invest in the youth
Our award-winning training program makes sure investees gain meaningful employment, so they can repay their loans and succeed in life.
34 days average placement rate
135% average increase in monthly household income
Grow your money your way
We offer interest earnings higher than time deposits and better returns than bonds, in shorter lock-in period. Our program provides flexible options that best suit your financial goals.
Our lenders earn 6-12% per annum
100% full and on-time payment to lenders upon maturity
Join our community of empowered lenders
Our loans provide a significant return on investment for both our investees and lenders.
90% of our lenders chose to reloan their collected earnings to more students

Learn more about our lenders’ experiences here.

How do we Ensure Repayment?

One Portfolio System

We do not assign your funds to a few specific students. Instead, we manage all student borrowers in one portfolio to reduce default risk on your investment.

Proprietary Credit Scoring Algorithms

InvestEd’s data scientists use AI and Machine Learning to predict a student’s likelihood of graduating on time, succeeding in career and repayment.

High-Tech Underwriting Process

We conduct interviews, identity verification and background checks on all of our borrowers.

Our Investees' Stories

Female InvestEd employee with braces sitting on stairs

How Mylene Turned Her Ambition Into Reality

The 2013 Functional Literacy, Education and Mass Media Survey reported that there were nearly four million...

Meet Gia and Her Unwavering Dedication

Imagine you’re in your last year of college, attending classes and finishing your thesis while working a part-time job...

Abbie in school

Abbie is Accounting for Her Success

At the brink of finishing her Accountancy Degree, Abbie’s family faced financial problems which endangered her dreams...

Jamie with Flowers

Jamie Pursuing Her Dreams Full-Time

Due to a financial crisis in her family, Jamie had to put her studies on hold for two years. Her perseverance led her...

Our Partners

Awards and Accolades

December 2019

Became Part of the Obama Foundation’s Asia Pacific Leaders Program

October 2019

Our CEO is Awarded the Outstanding Women in Nation’s Service Award

May 2019

Awarded a $100,000 Grant By Cartier Women’s Initiative Award

January 2019

Selected as Philippines’ Representative in the Asia Social Innovation Awards 2019

June 2018

Became Part of the Asian Institute of Management-Dado Banatao Startup Incubator

April 2018

Awarded a $100,000 grant by Dubai World Expo 2020’s Top 120 Global Innovators

February 2018

Awarded the EduTech Leadership Award by the World Education Congress

May 2017

Awarded Top 100 Most Inspiring Social Innovations and Entrepreneurs by Social Enablers

August 2016

Awarded a Php 1M Grant by Ideaspace Foundation