Top Student Discounts You Didn’t Know Existed

Carmina Bayombong

Redheaded student surprised outdoors
Students in the country have a lot more on their minds than just passing their grades. There are also challenges in keeping daily expenses at bay and making sure that tuition fees are settled before the exams period. Fortunately for Filipino students, there are a number of ways to keep spending at a minimum through discounts. The problem is that most of them don’t really know which ones to avail of.

Opting for discounts not only helps students to save money on goods and services but also teaches them to manage their finances better at a young age. If there’s a time to learn money matters, your student years would be perfect as you get a weekly allowance that’s intended to be spent for your needs.

Now if you are practical enough, you can turn some of that money into savings.

The secret is to cut back on flexible needs such as transportation and food and to bring your school ID or valid enrollment form wherever you go so you can avail of student discounts as imposed by law or those offered by private companies.

To give you a heads up, here is a list of products and services in the country where you can avail of student discounts and save money.

Tech gadgets.

One great student discount only a few knows about is for tech gadgets such as laptops and tablets. Fortunately, some companies know the crucial contributions of these e-tools in a student’s educational journey so they shave off a rather hefty amount off their price tags.

Tech giant Apple is one such company that offers up to 10% discounts when K to 12 and college students buy their products. The company likewise offers lower prices on selected items for teachers and school staff.

Local online shopping platform Lazada and Shopee are likewise good platforms that offer price drops from electronic sellers periodically.

Public transportation.

Even during the time of your grandparents, student discounts in jeepneys, tricycles, and buses have already been implemented. The only differences are the adjustments with regard to inflation rates. Today, students are entitled to a 20% discount for public transportation rides thanks to the recent amendment of the Republic Act 11314. This covers all public transportations including planes, trains, cabs, and ride-hailing apps such as Grab.

However, postgraduate students or those taking up informal short-term courses are not eligible for the discount, and the same is only honored during the entire school period including holidays and weekends.

Also excluded for discounts are private school buses, shuttles, and tourist buses.

Museums and art galleries.

As museums are considered by many as extended halls of the academe, students also get good discounts on entrance fees.

From elementary to college, schools would often encourage students to join field trips or by themselves to museums so they can immerse themselves in art, culture, science, and history.

The National Museum gets students in their halls for no cost at all while many others offer multiple discounts aside from lowering entrance fees. Among the prominent museums in the country who offer enticing student discounts are the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo (From Php200 to Php100), BenCab Museum in Benguet (From Php150 to Php120), Bahay Tsinoy in Manila (From Php100 to Php60), and the Mind Museum in Taguig (From Php625 to Php475 for private school students and Php190 for public school students).

Other notable places to visit where you can get a bang out of your buck are Art in Island in Quezon City, Ayala Museum in Makati, and Casa Manila and Calvo Museum in Manila.


Like the museum, students also learn a lot from attending musicals, stage plays, and even concerts that are held all over the country.

The theater is a great venue to nurture their appreciation of art and culture while presenting them with a more viable entertainment alternative than television or film.

Student discounts, which can range from 20% to half the original price, are usually offered by producers through ticket reservation channels or at the performance venue upon ticket purchase.

Every year, the Philippines stage more than 20 musicals all over the country for students to watch, study and enjoy.

Mobile app subscriptions.

More students are now engaged online through social media and through mobile apps because of its ability to provide fast information, content, and communication features. With these, mobile apps continue to thrive with more subscribers signing up for services.

For students who love to listen to music, streaming apps like Apple Music and Spotify offer half-off subscriptions to college students to probably relieve them of school stress.

With plenty of available playlists on Spotify, the likes of ‘Study Zone’, ‘Deep Focus’, and ‘Warm Fuzzy Feeling’, students will surely find their kind of jam which can calm their exam-crazy nerves a bit.

What’s best is how students can enjoy their discounted subscriptions for four years (perhaps because that’s just enough time to finish a tertiary course). That means it will only cost enrolled college students Php65 per month for Spotify and Php69 per month for Apple Music rather than shelling out Php129 for regular rates.

If you’re a student in the Philippines, you should definitely take advantage of these discounts while you still can. Better yet, set aside the most money you can save from availing yourself of these discounts before you find yourself entering the real world of adulthood where only a few financial breaks can be met.

All it really takes is a valid school ID to lessen your expenses. After that, you’ll get to experience these kinds of multiple discounts for products and services again only when you reach the ripe old age of 60 via a Senior Citizen’s ID.

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