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InvestEd turns counseling program into open-source digital content to reach more underserved youth

Globally acclaimed impact business InvestEd is changing the game of student financing, as it provides success essentials b eyond financial support. Anchored in its mission of empowering the youth in their journey from education to adulthood, InvestEd offers a holistic approach that guides students all the way to employment.

On top of its financing program that covers tuition, gadgets, and even allowances, InvestEd provides free counseling that equips students with necessary competencies by teaching them valuable skill sets: financial literacy, career development, and self-management. The initiative—aptly called Education to Adulthood (E2A) program—completes the 3 C’s that it offers to students, along with a community for socioemotional support.

In a bid to reach more underserved Filipino youth, InvestEd is expanding the E2A program’s influence beyond its community of Investees by taking it to the digital space. The company has begun transcribing the program into open-source digital contents that are highly accessible on the internet.

The E2A contents are uploaded on video streaming platform YouTube and shared on social media sites such as Facebook and TikTok to further promote the program and gradually build a community of learners.

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To further promote accessibility, E2A content comes in a variety of downloadable media formats such as text and infographics shared through social media, as well as and videos to allow users to consume information in a way that matches their unique context. They are also delivered in microdoses like one page of text, one to five-minute videos, and an infographic that fits a phone screen, and are sequenced strategically to manage cognitive load.


“InvestEd’s leadership hopes that with the support of its stakeholders and partner organizations, E2A can serve its purpose to many more Filipino students for whom it was created,” InvestEd President and Co-founder Ro Replan said.

Watch InvestEd’s E2A contents on our YouTube channel.

About InvestEd

Invested envisions a world where every young dreamer has no barriers to success. Its high tech, high touch program provides under-resourced youth with capital for education, life skills coaching, and a supportive community. A globally awarded impact business, InvestEd has helped thousands of low-income Filipino youth increase their income and navigate success in a fast changing world.