Jamie Pursuing Her Dreams Full-Time

Carmina Bayombong

Jamie P InvestEd Quote
Due to a financial crisis in her family, Jamie had to put her studies on hold for two years. Her perseverance led her to re-enroll in college to pursue her dreams of becoming an engineer, while she worked part-time as a call center agent.

Eventually, Jamie was faced with the decision to resign due to the difficulty of balancing school and part-time work. It was then that Jamie found InvestEd. She was able to get a student loan to cover all the expenses she needed to graduate. This allowed her to focus fully on academics, since she no longer needed to do part-time work to sustain her studies.

“I had so many worries that were relieved when I became a part of InvestEd. Having financial assistance from InvestEd while studying allows me to perform well in my academics. Additionally, my parents no longer need to worry about my daily allowance.” — Jamie P.