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InvestEd enables individuals, corporations, and financial institutions to invest in our Filipino youth.
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Why Invest in Education at InvestEd?

Financial reasons remain to be the top reason for dropping out of college. An estimated 600,000 college students dropout annually due to financial problems. That is 1 in every 5 students. Sources: Philippine Statistics Authority, Commission on Higher Education

Sustainable philantrophy

Sustainable Philanthropy

Lending at InvestEd can grow your money for 7%-11% per annum. Since you are able to get your money back and grow it, you can reinvest in more students in the future.

Increased success

InvestEd Helps its Students Succeed

All our student borrowers undergo a specialized training program, which provides career and financial literacy training. On average, our borrowers get employed 33 days after graduating compared to the national average of 4-6 months.

Sustainable philantrophy

Talent Acquisition for Your Company

Lenders can join our employer network, which allows you to invite student borrowers for an internship or a full time job post graduation.

Increased success

Risk Diversification

We spread out your fund to multiple students, so that repayment is not dependent on just one. A Php 100,000 fund can be spread out to as much as 15 students.


Opportunity to Meet and Greet Students

Lenders are allowed to volunteer, visit, or observe during any Training program session, which occurs at least twice a year.

Philantrophy network

Philanthropy Network

Become part of our growing network of lenders and attend future networking events hosted by InvestEd.

Our Investees' Stories

  • Dante jr rectangle

    Dan shared with us, "My father is my everything. I work and study for him." Extremely resilient and independent, Dan worked hard to balance part time work with academics, in order to help his sick father and also provide for himself so he can finish his college degree. Dan's goal is to have a successful career in web development, so that he can travel and eventually pay for his nieces' education.

    Dante Jr.
    BS Information Technology
  • Angela leah rectangle

    Leah is currently working really hard in her internship, as she dreams to be an operations manager as soon as possible and become the CEO of her own company someday. One of her personal goals is to visit her relatives abroad, to thank them for helping support her education in the past few years.

    Angela Leah
    BS Information Technology
  • Joseph rectangle

    Joseph draws his strength from his parents, who work 24/7 in the wet market even when sick, just to sustain their family. Seeing that made him realize the importance of education, especially when it comes to having a stable income. Joseph is passionate about helping kids learn the basics and teaching them the value of perseverance and resilience.

    Bachelor in Secondary Education, Major in Mathematics
  • Abbie rectangle

    Abbie’s goals include taking her father’s place in providing for the family and eventually getting a Master’s Degree. Known to her friends as a perfectionist, Abbie aspires to help the country’s manufacturing companies grow, using her managerial accounting skills.

    BS Accountancy
  • Kevin rectangle

    Kevin is a big dreamer- his goal is to become a professional web developer, eventually work in Microsoft and become a businessman as successful as Bill Gates. An exceptional project manager, he works part time on IT projects for clients, and uses the income to fund his schooling and help his family.

    BS Information Techonlogy

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Awards and Accolades

In October 2017, InvestEd was awarded ₱1 Million pesos software grant by Oracle-Netsuite.

In September 2017, InvestEd was accepted into the 2-year incubation program of Villgro.org, a leading impact investor for social enterprises.

In August 2017, InvestEd raised P1.5 Million Pesos of funding from The Final Pitch, the first business reality TV show in the Philippines.

Late 2017, InvestEd was featured in Business World Sparkup and 2ndopinion.ph’s Entechpreneur.

In May 2017, InvestEd was awarded Top 100 Most Inspiring Social Innovations and Entrepreneurs by Social Enablers.

In August 2016, InvestEd was Awarded a Php 1 Million Grant by Ideaspace Foundation, a leading incubator in Southeast Asia

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