Frequently Asked Questions

What is the InvestEd Student Loan?

The InvestEd Student Loan is the only comprehensive student loan program in the Philippines that allows you to take charge of your own education, and prepares you for repayment and future success through our specialized Investee Success Program.

What is the Investee Success Program?

The Investee Program is an exclusive financial management and career development training program that prepares you for future leadership and success. Student borrowers who have been approved for the InvestEd Student Loan are automatically guaranteed participation in the Investee Program. Our Investee Success Program takes place yearly in the 1st quarter of the year, which is typically the 2nd semester of most colleges.

What are the minimum eligibility requirements to apply?

At the minimum, you must meet the following requirements to apply for a Student Loan.

  1. Be a Filipino citizen or resident of the Philippines
  2. Be at least 18 years old
  3. Must be in last two years of college
  4. Must be enrolled in a university in the Philippines

How do I apply for the InvestEd Student Loan?

Submit an application anytime through our online application form here.

Can I apply for a student loan for my studies abroad?

Currently, we can only accommodate loans for students studying in the Philippines.

What are the application requirements?

Fill out our online application form. Once you have qualified for a loan, you will be asked to send the following:

  1. Valid and current school ID
  2. Copy of your NSO birth certificate
  3. Proof of your present address (most recent electricity/water/internet billing statement)
  4. A copy of ALL of your grades since you were in college.
  5. Government ID
  6. Barangay or NBI clearance
  7. Proof of enrollment for the current school term

When do I start repayment?

Repayment of your student loan only begins after you have graduated. However, you and/or your parents may opt to start paying anytime before graduation.

What does the student loan cover?

The student loan may cover all education-related expenses, subject to InvestEd’s approval. This may include tuition, daily stipend, miscellaneous school fees, dorm expenses and more.

How much can I borrow?

Student applicants can receive as much as ₱100,000 for their loan, depending on their application credit scoring, financial need, year in school, and other factors.

How long is the application processing time?

Ultimately this will depend on the volume of applications in every cycle. On average, we process and give results within 5-7 working days.

How do I receive my loan funds?

Tuition is directly paid by InvestEd to your school. The remaining loan amount is released on a per need basis or in scheduled disbursements. For school materials/equipment, we require a canvass report before disbursement and proof of purchase after disbursement.

Are there any fees associated with my loan?

Yes, InvestEd charges a 20% service fee that is also payable after graduation. For example, if your loan amount is ₱30,000.00, our service fee is ₱6,000.00 (20% of ₱30,000.00). This fee covers your loan administration and training program costs, and InvestEd’s operating expenses, ensuring our sustainability for future borrowers like you.

How much is the interest?

At InvestEd, your loan will interest at 1.67-2.9% per month. This is cheaper than most private lenders who have rates of 3% up to 10% per month, and often require payment to start immediately.

How much will my monthly installments be after graduation?

Your monthly installment will depend on your principal loan amount, graduation year, and payment term. You can check our sample monthly payments below, which assumes a 2.9% per month interest rate for a student loaning for their final year.

Loan Amount12 months18 months24 months36 months

How do I pay my monthly installments?

InvestEd provides multiple avenues for repayment, including auto-debit from your bank account, online and offline bank payments, bayad centers, and more.

Online BankingOTC BankingOTC Non-Bank
BDOBDOCebuana Lhuillier
MetrobankMetrobankBayad Center
ChinabankChinabankLBC Branches
LandbankEastWestSM Payment Counter
RCBCLandbankRobinsons Dept. Store
 Security Bank 

What if I still need to take my board exam or don’t have a job immediately after graduation?

Students who plan to take board exams may be granted an extended grace period of 3 months, where they will only need to pay interest that is accrued on their loan for the period. Depending on your circumstances, you can also apply for a deferment of payments for up to 3 months after graduation.

How do I review information about my Student Loan?

Approved student borrowers are given access to their personal online account through our website. You may view your outstanding balance, monthly payment amounts and corresponding due dates, and prior payments and credits through your account.