Award-winning Manly Plastics Inc., Lends Php 500,000 to InvestEd Students

Carmina Bayombong

QUEZON CITY — April 2018 Manly Plastics Inc. turns over 500,000 pesos to InvestEd, contributing to its growing Education Loan Fund for marginalized college students. The fund helps finance tuition, stipend, housing, project and/or laptop needs of low-income college students.

Manly Plastics Inc. now stands as the largest provider of end-to-end plastic product solutions in the Philippines — regularly supplying plastic parts and products to top Asian and American brands from a wide spectrum of industries.

InvestEd’s Students Receive Financial Aid from Our Partner Lenders
InvestEd and Manly Plastics’ joint initiative aims to not only help low-income college students finish their degree, but also to provide job security for them. Manly Plastics aims to provide internship and employment opportunities to InvestEd’s students, especially those residing near their offices in Malabon, Paranaque and Cabuyao. Mrs. Lea Co,HRM Division Head of Manly Plastics shares,

“Education is one of the essential things in life. Great factors of success come from it but not all people can have it easily. Inability to have education can lead to poverty and vice-versa. This situation could lead to worsening of lives, not only to the individual but also to the succeeding generations and our country as a whole.

We feel blessed that InvestEd was created. It is one of the avenues to extend our assistance to those who dream of having a chance to improve their future. Keep the fire in your hearts to reach your dreams and success. Be grateful and have a meaningful life that will make a great contribution to our society and build a prosperous nation.”

To-date, InvestEd has raised 7.3 Million pesos of student loan funding for marginalized students. 20% of those funds come from corporate partners like Manly Plastics, who believe in InvestEd’s mission to graduate and ensure meaningful employment of low-income students. For more information on how to become a lender or student borrower, visit our website at or email us at [email protected]