Abbie is Accounting for Her Success

Carmina Bayombong

Female student Abbie smiling in school
At the brink of finishing her Accountancy Degree, Abbie’s family faced financial problems which endangered her dreams of becoming a Certified Public Accountant. With a monthly salary of Php 11,600 ($223), it was difficult for her father to put food on the table and sustain Abbie’s education at the same time.

“The greatest challenge I faced in my life is when we had severe financial crisis when my father’s job could no longer sustain our family’s need. The only thing that kept me holding on is my dream, that one day when I achieve my dreams, I would be able to provide for my family.”

It was then that Abbie decided to take out a student loan from InvestEd, so she could graduate and fund her licensure exam review. Last November 2017, Abbie successfully passed her licensure exam and is now living her dream of being a Certified Public Accountant.

Abbie shares that on top of financial assistance, InvestEd’s free employability and financial literacy training to all of its borrowers is helping her succeed in her career at an early age.

“If school is where we learn the skills needed in our jobs, InvestEd is where we learn how to succeed at our jobs. On top of financial assistance, InvestEd has helped me prepare for the world outside college. One of the most important things I learned during InvestEd’s training program was the importance of proper planning. You need to have a strategy before you go out there so you can be ready. InvestEd gave us the tools to succeed so that we don’t go out there blindly.” — Abbie B.