InvestEd Envisions a World Where Every Young Dreamer Has No Barriers to Success

The Challenge

Lack of Higher Education Perpetuating Poverty

The future of young Filipinos is presently a game of odds. Due to their risky situation and lack of collateral, young but high potential dreamers are considered unbankable by formal financial institutions. There are presently 18 million learners in the Philippines who don’t have access to bank credit. InvestEd exists to change this unfair reality.

Solving education access for the bottom of the pyramid

InvestEd is the leading company in the region solving financial inclusion for unbanked youth. It is led by Carmina Bayombong who sought to help the next generation of young dreamers succeed in a fast-changing world. 

Our 2025 Vision: InvestEd as One of the Most Inclusive and Sustainable Student Loan Companies

InvestEd empowers under-resourced youth in their journey from education to adulthood by providing them with success essentials. By 2025, we aim to enable the success of millions of students who are poor in resources but rich in ambition.

Operating in a country where lots of students have difficulty completing a college degree and finding a sustainable job or livelihood, we are happy to contribute to the success of InvestEd.

inBEST Ventures

Credit Suisse Foundation

We are committed to supporting social entrepreneurs to drive the future success of their organizations, specifically in the areas of financial inclusion and education for young people. We are excited to provide this catalytic funding to InvestEd to help them unlock fast growing access to education finance for young Filipinos.

Credit Suisse APAC Foundation

Rodolfo & Milagros

We have found a perfect alignment between the objectives of the foundation and that of InvestEd. It is for this reason that we have not only continued, but further expanded our collaborative efforts over the past four years.

Jose Gabino Dimayuga
Vice President of Rodolfo and Milagros Dimayuga Memorial Foundation Inc.

48% of our Investees are the first in their family to attend college



81% of Investees are low-income to poor

52%  had previously stopped schooling due to various reasons like financial constraints, teenage pregnancy, and family issues.

62% are from families that have borrowed from predatory lenders before InvestEd

64 days average job placement rate of our graduated Investees. Much faster than the national average of 180 days

Average 117% increase in total household income for our graduated students

Our graduates’ average salary is 43% above Metro Manila’s minimum wage

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