5 Great Reasons to Live on Campus

Carmina Bayombong

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One of the best experiences in a student’s life is getting to that glorious state of semi-independence when transitioning to dorm life. Aside from being able to manage their time for studies and socials, students also get to enjoy the many benefits of living in a dorm. In the country today, the dorm phenomenon continues to rise in number with more students opting to live near or on campus.

The country’s sudden boom in dorm numbers cannot solely be attributed to students though. An estimated 10,200 dormitel beds are occupied by professionals in the Makati and Bonifacio Global City business districts. But it is undeniable how even more dormitories are occupied by more students in Metro Manila now as compared to recent years. One of the main factors that contribute to this rise is the recent transition to K to 12 wherein even senior high school students are now renting residential spaces all over the country.

The opportunity to live within a community of your peers offers several advantages and several more reasons why students love it. Below are five great points on why you or your child should consider living in a dormitory near or on campus.

You get to meet more people.

Your first couple of years living in a dorm will push you to meet more people who share with your similar interests. You not only get to cherish honing your social skills while living the dorm life but enjoy solitude once in a while as well.

For the extrovert type, living on campus is a dream as it gives them the opportunity to connect with the right networks, join communities, and learn the differences in people. You get to develop your own personality in terms of preferences, interests too while being able to identify your own pet peeves, all the more leading you to enriching experiences with your peers. Just be wary of some people that can serve as bad influences because you’re about to meet those as well.

Learning how to mingle properly with the right crowd and knowing the threshold between giving in to peer pressure and standing by your principles is all up to you. Just a word of advice; you will definitely need that no-nonsense factor when you are living in a dorm.

You get to live in an ideal environment.

Dorms are usually kept clean and yes, even the bathrooms. Be sure to do your part within the community and refrain from clogging toilets, destroying property, and creating a mess while on the premises.

Not practicing the CLAYGO rule or “clean as you go” in your room and the common areas often come back to haunt you because people will take note of your lack of consideration and not tidying your room up will only get you more cockroaches for roommates; you certainly wouldn’t want neither of that.

Try to make your dorm life worthwhile by doing your best to make it an ideal environment not just for yourself but for your co-dormers as well. It will show them that you are a reliable and considerate individual and win you more friends in the long run.

You are safer.

If your dorm is within campus premises then you are in luck. Most, if not all schools are very keen on providing safety and security for their students. For parents, this certainly provides them with a sound sleep knowing that their child is safe on campus.

For those living in dorms outside the campus, safety is more of a responsibility in that administrators can set up curfews for students to follow but it is up to the student to adhere to the house rules.

If you are a parent, tell your child to strictly follow the guidelines provided by off-campus administrators so that they don’t get kicked out of the dorm or compromise their own safety. In Manila, a strict ordinance banning minors on the streets from ten in the evening onwards is strictly enforced.

Always remember that safety is also a responsibility and that might be the first thing you’d want to teach your child if he is about to live in a dorm.

You get to be pretty smart at technology.

Most dorms in Metro Manila provide Wi-Fi services for student tenants to aid them with their studies and social lives. These are usually included in monthly dorm rates and can be accessed at any time of the day without any cap on data.

What’s best about this is that you get to connect with the people at home if they have internet access as well. Most students also try to involve themselves with some online ventures wherein they can earn some profit from.

Blogging or being social media influencers are good alternatives to earn some cash while in school and it doesn’t really require much. All you need is a camera and some creative content to get you going.

You get to smoothly transition into adulthood.

Remember what we said about semi-independence? Dorm life is a good way to ease adolescents into adulthood by slowly giving them responsibilities that they can handle in their own capacities. Of course, parental guidance is always a must and leaving a child to figure out what he needs to do through trial and error can often lead to dire consequences.

Living in a dorm teaches them to give regard and respect to their roommates and dorm administrators, comply with schedules, be mindful of their hygiene and environment, and give importance to their studies. Nevermind the many college movies where we see frathouses littered with trash after a night of partying.

In reality, students develop a sense of concern towards their surroundings and other people when they are encouraged to handle responsibilities. With the right amount of trust and advice, dorm life is definitely a good way to let children spread their wings, take hold of their own lives, and soar to greater heights.

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